Friday, June 8, 2012


Skeletal pentecostal
swaying outside my window, rain-bit and leaf-crushed,
swing your branches like acid stirred into whiskey-punch
and wish the night gone-by
as I wish it gone-by. Moreover, listen
for the moon arriving
star-faded and sad;
send my love, send my love

The outdoors gone mad now--
ratwhiskers twitch and squirrels
torture baby art-birds beneath streetlamps;
raccoons get all the good
trash, rape screechingly each other
atop human unattended houses
in humid, wet weather;
send my love, send my love

Thursday, June 7, 2012

vaguely indiscriminate

We have a country whose primary cultural movers and shakers are focused on fast food and cigarettes, the bad habits. Primary debate reduced to the best smear-campaign or the utterly banal. And here I am smearing with the best of them. Argh. Obesity the great sadness of the first decade of our new millennia, early death, bad choices.

I have a suspicion that this ultimate concern of what goes into the body has replaced our concern with what goes into the mind and heart. Our collective and political concern bears this out; the fact that most graduating high school students can't even afford to go to state-run universities... I think I read that the UW receives a mere 7% of its funding from the state of Washington.

So, let's close our borders. Get those fucking Mexicans back where they belong. Smack down another gay marriage law, cut university spending wherever possible, keep insurance premiums for the very poor just out of reach. Support Israel because Israel... is God's chosen people (I once heard a United States senator say this... he said it outloud.) Yes. This is a good way to run a country.

And those out of control polemics. I feel myself getting sucked into them, and I think I've always hated polemicists (sorry, Hitch, rest in peace, but really, good riddance). Another Youtube clip is going to really help. Especially if I post it.