Monday, July 19, 2010

judas smokes

Judas smokes on the front porch after playing cards.
He whistles because he won, he takes deep full drags and smiles. The moon smiles with him. The off-white light is perfect.
He’s already counted the coins everyone expects him to count because he likes to count.
Peter and John are jealous. They shit themselves with jealousy.
Judas keeps the money and they do the cooking.
They think Jesus looks at him funny, but playing cards requires their full attention.
Judas flicks off the ash and smiles at passersby, especially the women. He likes them.
He thinks about drinking beer at the Fisherman’s Terminal because this seems like an honorable task. And it is.
He’ll go to bed on a full belly tonight.

1 comment:

  1. This Judas has a much different feel than the one from 'judas speaks.' Are they the same?

    More importantly, it seems have you found a muse in the fallen disciple. Keep it up.