Thursday, October 21, 2010

ice cream and its accouterments

Drowning in amniotic fluid,
I smiled.
I thought about dinner time
and had a kind of cheery
hope for fried chicken
or Asian rice noodles
with broccoli
And I ceased to mope.

I must remind you, however,
it was tough, very tough
to breathe through the motherless goo -
my shit had nowhere
to go but to float inside me.

(Thinking: That was very rough.
That was rather messy.)

However, I thought of food,
and that felt

good. So good, without thinking.
I tried to swim inside her private sea,
and found it would be
more healthy to get out
before I got lost,
there in the fluid.
It was so very very
(believe me!)
very good,
that is,
until I started thinking.

I wanted ice cream and its accouterments!
I wanted to feel cool,
feel calm.

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