Wednesday, March 16, 2011

third grade

There is an asshole deep within my
buttocks. You think it's obvious--I doesn't.
You have not eaten the tacos I have eaten.
Said to Steven, who said to me: You big dummy,
and gets up to switch seats on the bus
to sit with friends of ours edgier than me.

The fifth grade wasn't good to me.
None of the others, neither.
Not in the least.
Third grade was all right. No lie. Steven and I drew
pictures of strange stick figures who got blown up.
I read the Scriptures with a special red pen

in hand to see what the Lord said
while He was at the Devil's bed.
The Devil ate some tacos.
In the Bible Belt belts just get tighter. I got tighter
and wound more of everything up. A dickery dickery dock
and just barely a mouse--that was me.

Up the clock we go.


  1. Tyson must be credited with inventing line 3, while we talked earlier today.

  2. You read this real lovely at the open mic.