Sunday, September 5, 2010

journal-type entry (ugh!)

I'm tired of being scared shitless of the poems I'm not going to write, especially since the desire to write them hangs over me each time I think about poetry...

Too many posts I've made here would've been better journal entries than poems. A journal entry should be settled for, but not a poem. Or maybe my willingness to write and post onto the internet bad poems is a sign of strength, rather than weakness?

And here I am, posting a journal entry? Someone from my homeland, coming across the internet would say, "That young man ain't got no scruples, no sir."


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  2. I certainly hope this doesn't mean that you'll be posting less. How else am I suppose to read the stuff you write, huh? Did you ever think of your public? Your adoring fans? Yeah. Think about that for a minute.

    Scruples and the internet don't really get along anyway.

    (also I deleted the last post because of a glaring typo that made me look reeeeealy stupid)