Sunday, September 12, 2010

stack your lines

Stack your lines
in a way that beats time!
Cobble them with pictures
to puncture holes inside homes
where the soul hides;

circumscribe the abstract thought
with a heavy green one

and somehow don't write
about fields or trees or for
Christ's sake
or a nightingale--
that one's done.

Keats did it well enough,
you should leave well enough alone.

But fields and trees are fixed--
silent silos of eternity,
and will feel when thought
is not enough--

when I first walked with Roethke
through his
fields I fell
and ripped open my knees,
but my eyes,
the things they saw
as I lost myself
in that living green--

All of this is a mystery.


  1. Oi Nate, eu não sei quem é você, e não te conheço, mas te encontrei e achei legal sua foto, e com o pouco de ingles que eu sei. gostei bastante das suas poesias, e estranho isto, mas tudo bem.

  2. Thanks, Radhis! I won't try and reply in Portuguese, but thanks for stopping by!