Monday, November 1, 2010

a long soak

Watching you weep today
quietly made me
hurt for you. Me looking
at you caused your water levels to rise,
and I laughed softly at the absurdity,
and wanted to smile at you, hold you,
to whisper:

You'll be on time again, love.
Missed appointments are inconvenient
to both those who missed them
and those that got missed
but your head doesn't need such shit
in it. You need a break. A rest:
A long soak in a tub
with a view of the colder waters
of Puget Sound, not to be in them;
and for an hour
not to think of sin, or of
falling face-first into the ground.
The warmth of being
held, for a whole day
of not getting
ran through the rain.

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