Monday, August 30, 2010

still small nothing

I wish someone could describe
for me why it is I can't believe that God
leads you anywhere in particular,
much less by the hand, as much as I'd like
to be taken by God's hand (or would I?)
alongside the shoulder of I-40
all the way back home across all those
desert states to Oklahoma
where the dirt is red and necks redder.
Tell me God is nudging you,
and I think perhaps he's poking you
as if he was cursed with Facebook
just like the rest of us, and had no
better means of communication
or other way to speak, and who other
than Isaiah or Jeremiah would say he spoke to them -
and look where it got them? On their sides
naked for weeks eating shit.
Are you eating shit, you young Protestants
Click-click-clicking your way through class?
The last time God spoke to me I quivered,
not a little kid but a (somewhat)
grown man, and feeling that, nearly died,
being (somewhat) lower than excrement.