Saturday, August 28, 2010

waking water

Take my fear in your hands.
The child in me will understand.

Yet the man within me could weep, too.
Could weep for your mother you're afraid
you'll be.

O, love. You'll be
& I will be,
with the waking water around us,
its surface clear, its depths tinged with green.

There can be a garden where we wake if you want.
We'll use our fear for fertilizer.
We'll grow the best tomatoes you've ever had
& make sandwiches with mayonnaise & avocados,
which you like & I like.

Pack your bags, love.
We'll throw them from the side of the plane
we'll watch them winnow away into the dark
we'll begin to start again,
sitting naked in a Doe Bay sauna-tin.

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